Epic Team Adventures: Escape Rooms in Seattle

Escape the Ordinary

Epic Team Adventures hosts live escape room games in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood.

Through a melding of Hollywood-quality sets, cutting-edge technology, seamless integration of theatrical effects, and well-designed puzzles, we transport you into narrative adventures that will inspire you to return for more. We design our rooms to be other-worldly destinations for you to investigate. We offer you the tools to solve their puzzles and unlock their secrets.  All that you need to provide is yourself and a group of friends who love testing their wits together.

Whatever adventure you seek, we have the story for you. We are crafting six different worlds, with each world hosting a number of stories in a thematic narrative series.

  • The Sparrow Files is a series of detective stories with a film noir flair.
  • The Vault of the Volcano God is a series of stories set on a mysterious tropical island strewn with the ruins of a once great ancient civilization.
  • The Chronicles of Steam and Shadow is a series of stories set in a steampunk world of Victorian high-society intrigue.

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Our first two escape rooms, The Vault of the Volcano God  and The Sparrow Files are open and may be booked now.