Advertising Opt Out

To help promote our adventures, Epic Team Adventures may advertise using Facebook’s custom audiences ad product, Google Analytics’ Display and Search Remarketing, or Bing Analytics. This focused form of advertising allows us to show advertisements on Facebook, Google, or Bing only to those users who have previously visited Epic Team Adventures’s web site.

This form of advertising is achieved through use of web browser cookies. Specifically, a cookie from a third party such as Facebook, Google, or Bing may be stored in your web browser when you visit Epic Team Adventures’s web site. Later, when you visit the third party web site, their ad server detects this cookie in your browser and then uses it as a signal to show you a Epic Team Adventures advertisement.

We understand that some of our customers would prefer to opt out of this cookie-based form of advertising. Opting out can be accomplished by following these two steps.

  1. Opt out of advertising on Epic Team Adventures’s web site so that our web site will not install any third-party cookies to your browser in the future.
  2. Remove from your web browser any existing third party cookies which may have been installed when you visited our web site.

The first step is the easiest to achieve. Simply, click the OPT OUT button which follows the table.


If your user profile is shown as opted out, then you will avoid new third party cookies when visiting our web site, regardless of which browser you are using, while you are logged in to your Epic Team Adventures account.

If the first row says not logged in, you may wish to login (or create an account) and then click the OPT OUT button once more. The easiest way to login is to click the not logged in message within the table.

If only your web browser is opted out and not your user profile, then only your current web browser is protected. If you wish to rely only on the browser opt out, then you will need to visit this page and click OPT OUT for each browser which you plan to use when visiting Epic Team Adventures’s web site. Also, if your cookies are ever cleared from your browser, then you will need to revisit this page and click OPT OUT once more.

Removing Third Party Cookies

The method for removing cookies is different for various different browsers. This web page provides clear instructions with screenshots on how to remove cookies for all major browsers, both desktop and mobile.

Blocking Facebook Ad Cookies

It is possible to block all facebook ad cookies via Facebook settings. Visit the Facebook ads settings page and change “Ads based on my use of websites and apps” to no.

Opting out of Google Remarketing Cookies

Download and install the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on

Browser Do Not Track Setting

Some web browsers offer a Do Not Track setting. The Epic Team Adventures web site honors this setting.