Huxley Episode 1

Virtual Reality Escape Rooms!

Epic Team Adventures is excited to add three award-winning virtual reality experiences from partners EXIT-VR and Ubisoft to our suite of escape rooms in Seattle. Just like our other escape rooms, each VR experience immerses you in a new story and setting.

During each VR experience, each member of your team will wear an HTC VIVE Pro virtual reality headset with wireless adapter and hold HTC VIVE controllers. These virtual worlds are powered by the NVIDA’s GTX 2080 flagship graphics card known for its excellent gaming realism and breakthrough performance.

Book by July 31 for special introductory pricing of $30 per person.

In Huxley: The Future is Now, travel to 3007 AD where mankind has been replaced by machines. You are the last, remaining survivors with any hope of reversing the apocalypse.

In Escape the Lost Pyramid, enter the world of Assassin’s Creed Origins and travel back in time to 1928. Your team will explore the expansive pyramid of Nebka and locate an important artifact rumored to be hidden there.

In Beyond Medusa’s Gate, enter the world of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and travel to 445 B.C. Your team will explore a vast Aegean coastal cave in search of the legendary ship of the Argonauts

Video Trailers

Huxley I

Escape the Lost Pyramid