Epic Adventure Club

Are you an escape room enthusiast who can’t wait to try out the next good game? Do you enjoy state-of-the-art interactive entertainment with family and friends? Maybe you are a fan of narrative-based adventures, or just love challenging, fun puzzles. If any of these traits describe you, you will want to read on to find out how Epic Adventure Club, a membership program launched by Epic Team Adventures today, can redefine your entertainment experience.

Epic Adventure Club is an annual membership program for customers of Epic Team Adventures, an adventure-room complex in Seattle, Washington. Members will receive discounts for admissions, access to online puzzle adventure series, early access to new adventures, and other exclusive offers.  Membership does not renew automatically, but you may choose to renew.

All levels share these common benefits:

  • Your online ETA account tracks your completed adventures for you
  • Access to an online puzzle adventure series
  • Invitation to members-only events

There are three different levels of membership:

Explorer – This is our free membership to reward repeat customers. You can become a member by joining on our web site.

  • Earn free admissions – every fifth adventure is free! (a 20% savings)
  • Special access to reserve new adventures two weeks before public release

$0.00Sign Up Now

Navigator (Limited Quantity) – One of the two paid membership options, the Navigator membership is a great value and offers a great deal of flexibility. All games during off-peak hours are free, and you can join friends to play on the weekend for only $10/session up-charge.

  • $300/year or $30/month for 12 months
  • Unlimited admission to all adventures during off-peak hours (peak hours are Friday 6 p.m. to Sunday 6 p.m.). Peak-hour sessions will cost you only $10/session
  • Special access to reserve new adventures three weeks before public release
  • First 100 members receive custom medallion membership token

From: $30.00 / month for 12 monthsSign Up Now

Pioneer (Limited Quantity) – Pioneer memberships are for those who want the ultimate experience. Not only will you have access to all adventures during published hours (including peak hours), you also get discounted room-based pricing when you make group reservations. This guarantees you and your friends a private session even when your player count doesn’t meet capacity.

    • $600/year or $55/month for 12 months
    • Unlimited admission to all adventures
    • Special access to reserve new adventures three weeks before public release
    • Exclusive preview sessions of each new adventure
    • Option for ‘room-based’ pricing for a guaranteed private session if the group has fewer players than room capacity
    • First 100 members receive custom medallion membership token
    • Sign up by 5/31/2016 to receive extended membership benefits through 12/31/2017

From: $55.00 / month for 12 monthsSign Up Now

Epic Team Adventures offers more than any ordinary escape room. With ETA, you can escape into realms of adventure. Through the use of Hollywood-quality sets, cutting-edge technology and seamless integration of theatrical effects, we transport you into narrative adventures that will keep you coming back for more. We view our rooms as worlds for you to explore and investigate, and we give you the tools to unlock their secrets. All you need to provide is yourself and a group of puzzle-loving friends.

There are currently six worlds we have begun crafting and each “room” will host a number of stories in a thematic narrative series. The Chronicles of Steam and Shadow – a series of stories set in a steampunk world of Victorian high-society intrigue – and The Vault of the Volcano God – a series set on a mysterious tropical island strewn with the ruins of a once great ancient civilization – are under construction now, and are set to open in May 2016. We plan on adding two rooms per month after that with about forty unique and compelling stories available before the end of 2016. Upcoming adventures include:

  • Ghost Squad: A series where you step into the shoes of ghost hunters investigating the paranormal;
  • Alchemy Arcana: As the alchemist’s apprentices, you must create magical artifacts to defeat evil and rescue the alchemist;
  • Star League: A series that puts you in the position of the crew of a spaceship taking on a number of challenging missions.
  • Maze of Games: Designed and produced by Lone Shark Games, this series is inspired by an interactive puzzle novel by Mike Selinker

Our online puzzle adventure series will give you the opportunity to dive into an adventure story at your own time and pace. There are two different tiers of online adventures – gold-tier and silver-tier, and we will have multiple series in each tier from which members can choose. Each gold-tier puzzle adventure includes an intro video and 10 puzzles with an overarching meta-puzzle. The first gold-tier adventure, The Paradox Engine, is a time- and dimensional-travel story, and will be available as the first adventures at ETA’s Seattle facility are open to the public.

Our goal is to provide our customers with fully immersive adventures and to offer them exciting, challenging and rewarding puzzles. Our membership program is designed to give you easy access to any of these adventures you desire, but to also allow you to take the adventure home. Join Epic Adventure Club now at www.epicteamadventures.com/membership and start your adventures today!