Questions about the adventures at Epic Team Adventures

No, each adventure is a standalone story. You will not need any information from a previous adventure in order to succeed. The only connections between the stories in a series are in the narratives. You may miss some of the background connections if you play rooms out of sequence, but it should not affect your ability to complete objectives in the current adventure.

Like any good story, there will be tension and intrigue to keep you intellectually and emotionally engaged. However, there is nothing gory or scary, and no one will jump out to startle you.

No one under age of 10 is allowed in the room. The only exception is if your group has booked a private session and the other members of the group are ok with the presence of your infant or toddler during the game. Per building regulations, the only animals allowed are service animals. If you do have a service animal, please contact us at before finalizing your reservation.

Children 8 or older may participate if they are accompanied by adults and can provide signed waivers by a parent or legal guardian. Regardless of age, all participants must have a ticket. Young children who are not participating will not need tickets but can only be allowed in private sessions.

No cameras, photos or video are allowed in the rooms. We recommend you leave your electronic devices in storage lockers. If you need to keep your cell phone or pager with you, please keep the ringer on silent. Please do not take photos or video inside the room, or use the device to look up information during the game. If you have to take a call during the game, please step back to our reception area so the rest of the group can focus on continuing the game.

We provide storage lockers free of charge for our customers. We recommend you leave everything you don’t need during the game in the lockers.

Each session is scheduled for either 45 , 60 or 75 minutes, depending upon which adventure you choose. Please arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled start time to check in and briefing. Please also allow for a minimum of 15 minutes for debriefing and a team photo at the end of the session.

Each session will end in one of two ways. If a team completes the final objective before time runs out, there’ll be a signal that will make it obvious to the team that they have succeeded, followed by a ‘success’ wrap-up video as the conclusion of the story. If a team does not finish the story within the allotted time, the session will end when the time is up, with a different version of the wrap-up video. In all cases, our game masters will debrief teams inside the rooms at the end of the wrap-up video.

No, our adventures are narrative-based, and each adventure has a different objective and most have nothing to do with escaping from the room. The doors are not locked, and you may leave and re-enter as necessary. However, your team will not get any more time, and you will miss part of the adventure.