Booking Instructions for Room 25 Live! Packages

Due to COVID-19 emergency protocols, Epic Team Adventures is closed through at least March 31, 2020. Monitor this web page for details.

First, make sure that your web browser is showing the Room 25 Live! 4-Person Package or the Room 25 Live! 6-Person Package product page as shown below.

The address bar of your browser should show one of these two web URLs.

Once you have the correct Room 25 Live! Package showing in your browser window,  scroll down to the calendar and select the month, day, and time that you would like to book.

  1. First choose the current month or click the small white arrow in the top right corner of the calendar to move to the next month or other future month.
  2. Next, choose a day within the month by clicking one of the days.
  3. Next, choose one of the times that appear beneath the calendar.
  4. Next, click the Book Now button.

Now, you should be on the cart page that shows the Room 25 Live! booking your shopping cart as shown below.

Now, copy and paste your code into the Coupon code text field as shown below. Be sure to use your own individual code and not the sample code shown in the screenshot. It is best to use copy and paste so that no typing errors will sneak in. If copy and paste does not work, then please type in your code carefully and double-check that you have not missed a digit. To help you, we have not used any digits that are easily mistaken for one another (such as zero and the letter O).

Once you have entered your code, click the Apply Coupon button.

After applying your code, you should see something similar to what is shown below.

Next, click the Proceed to Checkout button.

You will need to enter your credit card information to pay the Washington state and Seattle city sales tax on the price paid. Be sure to enter your billing name and address carefully to ensure that the transaction succeeds.

After entering all of the required information, read the terms and conditions, and checked the terms-and-conditions checkbox, click the Place Order button.

After completing your booking, you will receive an email containing a 30% off coupon for the Room 25 Ultimate board game. This coupon may be used four or six times (once per team member), depending upon which option you purchased. Note that each team member will need to create his or her own account to use the coupon code.

The Room 25 Ultimate board game is available here:

Shipping is not offered for this game. Select the Local Pickup option and pick the game up when you visit Epic Team Adventures for your Room 25! Live appointment.

Thank you!

Epic Team Adventures