The Perfect Gift Project

Are you looking for a fun addition to your office holiday party, meeting or event? Do you want to give back to the community without the hassle of coordinating an offsite event?

Project Perfect Gift is a unique holiday adventure that combines a holiday party, a fun team activity, and community giving all in one package. Designed for 15 to 30 participants, your team will work together to solve puzzles and find clues which will allow you to identify the perfect gift for each child in a group of foster children.  These perfect gifts are hidden in plain sight among a collection of other toys, games, and children’s items.

Once identified, the gifts will be placed in pre-decorated gift boxes ready for delivery. At the conclusion of the event, the identified gifts will be donated in the name of your group to Treehouse (, a local charity which supports children in foster care.

This all-inclusive package of fun is by appointment only and has a limited run from 11/15/2019 through 12/20/2019. The team at ETA will set up and host this event at your venue. We will bring the game, decorations, gift store and even cupcakes! Take the hassle out of your holiday giving. Contact to book Project Perfect Gift for your team.

Cost: $50/person + $300 (pre-purchase 12 to 15 gifts for children in foster care)

Backstory for the Perfect Gift Project

The Perfect Gift is an artificial intelligence research project that selects, purchases and delivers the perfect gifts to selected recipients. The project is suddenly put on hold just before the holiday giving season, resulting in many children in foster care at risk of not receiving presents. If you work together, your team will be able to obtain gift information from the AI’s database and complete the gift-matching project for the selected children before it’s too late.