Seattle Escape Room Game

Lounging around the parlor of the Explorers’ Society, your group is interrupted with an urgent message: “Come quickly! Follow me to Excelsior Manor!” You recognize that your destination is the home of Professor Pennywell, the eclectic founding member of the Explorers’ Society. You have heard that the professor travels to exotic locations all over the world, so surely you have been invited to join him on his latest venture. Well, you are half right… You and your group of intrepid explorers are about to embark on an exciting  adventure; it’s just not the journey you expect.

The Chronicles of Steam and Shadow takes players through non-stop globetrotting actions and spellbinding narratives in five standalone adventures. In each, a team of 3-10 players work with each other to solve puzzles, perform tasks and attempt to complete the mission in that story. At the same time, players also learn more about the overall story arc for the series. What you can expect from this series are narratives with many twists and turns to keep you engaged, thematic and challenging puzzles, recurring characters interacting with players to provide greater immersion, and seamless integration of set and technology production so there is not a single traditional lock-and-key solution.

Epic Team Adventures plans to unveil this steampunk-themed series in the next few months. We don’t want to spoil the story for you, but here are the titles of the five adventures to whet your appetite:

  • Professor Pennywell and the Explorers’ Society
  • Professor Pennywell and the Fortress of Ice
  • Professor Pennywell and the Menace of the Underwater Lair
  • Professor Pennywell and the Syndicate Counterstrike
  • Professor Pennywell and the Incan Incident

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