If you are a fan of The Sparrow Files’ suspenseful narrative, you may enjoy the storytelling of classic Noir films.

Our friends at the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) are presenting eighteen classic Film Noir movies during SIFF’s “Noir City 2018” festival running from February 16 – 22.

Play at least one Epic Team Adventures escape room / puzzle adventure between now and February 14th for chances to win a Noir City 2018 festival pass to see all eighteen films. Each adventure that you play between now and February 14th will earn you at least one chance to win. If you complete the objective of your adventure successfully, you will receive an additional chance to win.

Book your adventure at https://epicteamadventures.com/adventures/

More information on SIFF’s “Noir City 2018” festival is available at https://www.siff.net/year-round-cinema/film-festivals/noir-city